M 19

It’s undeniable that heavy pressure is put on men to look in certain ways. They are not only the backbone of the family, they are also aimed high to achieve better career. Therefore, physical well-being is vital to men, in order for to support the family, achieving and pathing desirable career.
M19 contains two sacred products for male, Tongkat Ali and Maca, help to promote androgen, improve blood circulation; enhancement and improvement to stamina and prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by stress.
M19 also contains apple stem cells, argan stem cells and Grape stem cells to for cell activation from inside out, to maintain overall youthfulness.

There is never a weak man,
there is always an aggressive man.

Male Reproductive Health

Tongkat Ali and Maca contain androgen which helps to enhance hormones for men’s reproductive system,
alleviate aging and male genital diseases.

Enhance Stamina

Stem Cells, Maca and Tongkat Ali helps in general health including enhance men’s energy,
stamina and build up a stronger physical strength.

Promote circulation

Maca and Tongkat Ali are also able to improve microcirculation and overall blood circulation.

Member price RM280
Retail price RM330