Perfect Series

Skin is not only the largest organ in the body, it is described as the first line of defense for our body. Our skin has exposed to a lot of harmful substances from the environment, and from our body. Long period of exposure can destroy our appearance.

The basic maintenance of beautiful skin is to keep the skin clean, ensure the harmful substances and dirt were removed, maintaining the skin cell replacement and regeneration ability, to keep skin moisture at all time.

The Perfect Series creating the perfect skin care routine for each stage of your life. As we believe there is never a devastate skin, there is always a glowing appearance.

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There is never a devastate skin,
there is always a glowing appearance.


ei Perfect Cleanser ensures effective deep cleansing and maintaining the natural oil of skin.


ei Perfect Youth Essence contains variety of plant stem cells,
ensuring your skin always look youthful, firmed and leaving no trace of the years.


ei Perfect Cream contains patented moisturizing factor,
which helps to maintain the sufficient level of moisture more than 24 hours.
The strong absorbance of hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles, naturally boosting your skin radiance.

Member price RM280
Retail price RM330