Botanical Beverage of Seabuckthorn​

Seabuckthorn has the superb abilities of stabilized water and soil and greening the desert. It is also kind of the plant with the highest ecological and environmental protection value in the development area of western China. The seabuckthorn has shown its strong vitality characteristic in the aspect of climate tolerance, low temperature tolerance and high temperature resistance. It can survive under severe weather, where it  will maximized the usage of the earth and sunlight through its own nitrogen-producing system. At the same time, a large amount of nutrients is stored in the fruit as a basic requirement for survival and reproduction. Seabuckthorn fruit is very rich in nutrients. There are a variety of up to 250 natural essentials which are beneficial to health, including fatty acids, trace elements, linolerin, brass, and amino acids. 


"There is never health degradation,
there is always the health preservation"

Seabuckthorn is very high in Vitamin C content, and the vitamin content are higher than the average of other vegetable and fruit, so it is crowned as “the King of Vitamin C” and “the source of the treasure of Vitamin”.

The botanical beverage of seabuckthorn is all you need to maintain good health and it also offered a wide range of health benefits.


The abundance of active ingredients such of mangosteen, blueberry and rasberry in this Botanical Beverage of Sea Buckthorn has the highest antioxidant level that has created protective barrier and protect the body against harmful element and the resistant to infection,


The various nutrients present in Seabuckthorn replenished the body's from the loss of nutrition, moisturizes the cells, and keep our body operates normal.


The formula of the Botanical Beverage of Seabuckthorn is not only rich in nutrient but contains a variety of fruits that are also high superoxide dismutase, with the effect of repairing damaged cells to prevent body degradation.

The Botanical Beverage of Seabuckthorn replenish, protect and repair your body.

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