V 19

V19 combines the three natural herbs traditionally used by Southeast Asian women to keep their reproductive system always in good and healthy conditions, namely Mirifica Lobata, Kacip Fatimah and Manja Gani, for women well-being and restoring vitality to the ovary, uterus, breasts and vagina. Also combining the extraction of Stem cells from Apple, grapes, Moroccan nuts, and white fungus, which has empowered women stayed confidently at any age.

The healthiness of a woman’s reproductive system is the pillar to ensure her happiness. The reproductive system is considered as the most precious wealth for women. It has been silently dominated the changes in women’s bodies, even life, joy, beauty, passion and charm.

There is never a haggard situation for woman,
there is always conditioning moment for woman.

Raising the Genital System

Pueraria Lobata, Kacip Fatimah and Manja Gani for the balance of the two major hormones, Estrogen and Flavonoids, to ensure that they are in a healthy state at different physiological stages, including menstruation, conception, and even menopause transition.

Boost Energy

Pueraria Lobata promotes blood circulation, while stem cells playing a vital role in cells activation, to keep women’s energy up at all times.


Stem cells promote regeneration of new skin cells and Tremella retains water and nourishes the skin, creating glowing radiant skin.

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Retail price RM330